In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering is an independent, multidisciplinary private company with broad, proven experience in the fields of consultancy, engineering and construction. We work on the basis of independence, effectiveness and social responsibility.

In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering specialises in the construction of infrastructures, civil work and buildings, providing support for customers at the project management and structuring, design and construction stages.

At In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering our operations cover the full investment cycle in engineering, consultancy and construction, from technical and financial viability studies to the management and operation of infrastructures after construction, including all options as regards legal, administrative and financial assistance.

To provide our customers with all-round service, we at In&Ar Infraestructure Engineering handle all types of tasks, from the simplest to the most complicated, from the specialised to the multidisciplinary.  Our customers can rest easy: we manage the whole project from the initial idea behind it to the final handover of the object constructed. Our team of engineering, architecture and construction technicians can provide full assurances of successful completion of projects.

Our experience in the drawing up of studies, draft projects and final construction design projects for architectural and engineering jobs is based on the experience of our staff and of the firms that work with us on an ongoing basis.

Our success in project management in the fields of civil engineering, environmental and architectural work is based on close court nation between these three different disciplines which are involved in all projects, from the initial management stage to their construction.

At In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering we can manage and carry out turnkey and EPC projects, handling the commissioning of facilities and assuring quality standards and production values.

Our ongoing management of project costs and deadlines means that we can assure that all budget commitments and completion deadlines agreed to will be met. Projects are monitored continually to ensure that the initial provisions are being complied with.

“When construction expertise informs design decisions, and architectural or engineering experience guides construction management, In&Ar Infrastructure Engineering can quickly overcome challenges that typically slow or complicate the building process. Through our deep integration of teams, strategies and values, we uncover new ways to enhance Project design, expedite Project Schedule and save money while delivering a far superior experience”.

"Nihil Difficile Volenti"

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